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Let me ask you:
Are you tired of feeling tired?
Overwhelmed, depleted and stressed?
Frustrated because you don’t have time
to achieve your health,
personal or work goals?

Yeah, I get it. I was too!
Let me show you an easier way to vibrant energy and health,
naturally glowing skin and rock solid confidence!


Hi! I’m Natalie.

I’m a health and mindset coach
passionate about helping women and men live their best life.


To help my clients, I’ve built programs based on proven science that result in greater body confidence, solid self worth, vibrant energy, sharper mind clarity and super-charged productivity.

My goal is to share the vital lessons I learned on my own health journey to help other women take back control over their time, health and energy so they can live a life they truly love.


Because we all deserve that, right?


But I didn’t always have this much energy! I switched my career to the health industry after triggering an auto-immune condition which resulted in me losing most of the pigment in my skin (vitiligo). I'd had a successful international career in the finance industry and while everything seemed fine on the outside, underneath it all, my body felt depleted and exhausted.

Eventually, something had to give and in the end it was my health.

It took me several years of research, study and working with health professionals and coaches, and eventually my skin started to heal! The pigment on my face has fully restored (it was 80% white) and my body is slowly restoring the pigment too.

You can learn more about my story HERE

The best thing is that along the way I learned the keys to maintaining gorgeous healthy skin from the inside out, a strong immune system, true body confidence and the strategies for overcoming our inner meanie and building lasting self worth
all the foundations for living a vibrant and happy life!

So my beautiful friend, how can I help YOU?

I created Every Body Beautiful to remind you how awesome you already are and to give you the tools to build rock solid self worth, confidence, optimal health and vibrant energy.

I’m committed to helping you live your best life!

Natalie xo