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The catch phrase that helps me overcome body shame

The one thing which continues to amaze me is, when I share stories about my skin journey, how many women I meet feel shame about their bodies – even when they look completely perfect to me! How can this be?! When I started to lose the pigment dramatically in my skin, I became good at…

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How to Sharpen our Intuition

Our life is speaking to us in whispers, but are we listening? Sometimes it’s a physical feeling, or a series of coincidences, patterns repeating such as in relationships or a recurring illness. We often brush these things off as “coincidences”, the inconsiderate behaviour of others or sometimes we’re just too busy to even notice! But…

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The Art of Growing Confidence

One thing I know to be true is that confidence is something we’re born with. I’m not saying that some people are gifted natural confidence and others not, just like that sorting conveyer belt in the movie, Boss Baby! I’m saying, we’re all born confident and somewhere along the way, we learn to doubt ourselves…

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The One Thing We Don’t Ever Need to Apologise For

As women, we can easily sail through life thinking it’s normal to play down our strengths, to not upstage others and to make sure we never rock the boat! While this may be normal, it’s not actually right. It never occurred to me to ever question this cultural norm. I come from a long line…

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How Comparing Yourself to Others Fuels Your Unhappiness


Do you ever get that sinking feeling when you compare yourself to other people? Perhaps when following a celebrity’s latest holiday snaps on Instagram or an acquaintance who always looks immaculate (and then I glance down and I’m in my uniform of leggings and trainers, usually covered in dog fur and occasionally an extra touch…

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