What makes you beautiful?

When I was young I was told I was never going to be a supermodel, but that was okay because I had a great personality and that was more important than being beautiful.


Can you imagine what that did to my confidence?

Given I couldn’t rely upon my looks, I set about trying to be good at lots of things: I read piles of books, learned another language, became musical, sporty, arty, while balancing a book on my head, a spoon on my nose, and committed a few knock knock jokes to memory, just in case.

I accepted I was never going to be the “pretty” one, and so to make up for it I had to bamboozle with charm and wit (and a few circus tricks if really necessary).

What I didn’t realise was that I’d been sold a story as a teenager, bought it and turned it into my very own best seller.

Subconsciously, I had boxed myself into this very limiting belief which I never questioned and took on as solid, hard truth.

Fast forward a few decades later, and now that I’ve developed Vitiligo and my skin looks different, ironically, I actually do turn heads with my looks!

But it took me a long time to discard the story of not being beautiful enough, and a lot of wasted time and energy thinking about this idea of myself that was never actually true.

I have friends who’ve been in the opposite end of the boat – the “pretty girl” cabin.

It’s all smooth sailing for them, life comes easy in every way, until one day they notice a wrinkle or grey hair, and that’s it. The end is here.

They’ve been sold the other story – that their beauty was a VIP pass to anything in life and their luck was solely due to their looks and had nothing to do with the fact they’re also wonderful and intelligent human beings.

I have spent a long time thinking about this question of what makes someone beautiful and there is no doubt we’re all subconsciously striving for some ideal which our society has set as the benchmark – physical perfection.

We’re encouraged to buy products and have surgery to get us that little bit closer to this “ideal” look.

The problem is, none of us will actually ever get there.

Maybe the occasional supermodel does – for a period of time – but given the reproduction of our biological cells naturally commence their decline at some point, no human will be able to sustain it forever. That’s not something to fear. I can tell you there’s more upside to aging and besides there’s a lot we can actually do to slow the process naturally through lifestyle choices.

The cold hard truth is we’ll never fully reach perfection because it doesn’t exist.

How’s that for a BOOM?

Instead of being told a whole lotta bull about my looks, I wish I had been taught this right from the start:

– Beauty is not skin deep

– Beauty is not just in our skin, but in every cell of every body

– Beauty is also reflected in our thoughts about ourselves and about others. It grows deep within our soul.

– Beauty is everywhere we choose to see and experience it.

So rather than labeling yourself beautiful or not, remember we’re in control of the choices we make towards a beautiful life. 


True beauty comes from being kind to our cells, nourishing them with nutritious food, movement, rest, and positive thoughts and by treating others the same way.

Now that’s true beauty and the key to a happy, healthy life.


What beauty is already within you that you haven’t paid attention to for a while? What makes you a beautiful person (and I’m not referring to the outer shell here)?

What positive step can you make to allow your inner beauty to shine more?

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